4 Ways to Cut Hasselback Potatoes

When cutting Hasselback potatoes the challenge is to make the cuts in the potatoes as close to the bottom of the potatoes as possible without cutting all the way through. You can do this on freehand but it’s easy to make a mistake and cut all the way through resulting in wasted time and potatoes. The following 4 tips will help you avoid making mistakes and create the perfect hasselback potatoes. 

1. Lay a pair of wooden or plastic utensils or chopsticks on each side of the potato to create about 0.5 - 1 cm distance from the counter and the top of the utensils. Cut the potato all the way down to the utensils without worrying about cutting all the way through the potato.

2. Insert a wooden skewer through the potatoes about 0.5 - 1 cm from the bottom of the potato and then simply cut all the way through the potatoes until the knife blade meets the wooden stick.

3. Use a large spoon, usually included in utensils sets, to lay the potato in, the spoon will then create the space you need to avoid cutting all the way through the potato.

4. Use a cutting board with compartments. This method works the same way as when using a spoon but with the advantage that the cuts won't damage the utensils or spoon.

Try them and see which method you like the most!

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