Kimchi Grilled Cheese

Kimchi grilled cheese made in a cast iron skillet


  • 1 dl Kimchi
  • 8 slices cheddar cheese or grated cheese according to taste.
  • 4 slices of bread
  • Butter for frying
  1. On a slice of bread, add a layer of cheese. Then add half of the Kimchi, and next, add another layer of cheese. Put another slice of bread on top press down to make the cheese and Kimchi a little compact and so that the second slice of bread won't fall off when frying.
  2. In a hot skillet (not too hot, one setting lower than when you fry food in general so avoid burning the bread before the cheese has melted), melt some butter, and put the sandwich in the skillet. Put a lid on the skillet and fry for a couple of minutes until the sandwich is golden brown on the fried side.
  3. Turn the sandwich over and put the lid back on. Fry for a couple of minutes until there is a golden brown crust and the cheese has melted.

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