Cast Iron Care Set of 4, Cast Iron Cleaner Chain Mail Scrubber + Cleaning Brush + Pan & Grill Scrapers
Cast Iron Care Set of 4, Cast Iron Cleaner Chain Mail Scrubber + Cleaning Brush + Pan & Grill Scrapers
Cast Iron Care Set of 4, Cast Iron Cleaner Chain Mail Scrubber + Cleaning Brush + Pan & Grill Scrapers

Cast Iron Care Set of 4, Cast Iron Cleaner Chain Mail Scrubber + Cleaning Brush + Pan & Grill Scrapers

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Discover the Ultimate Cast Iron Care Set for Your Kitchen!

Introducing our comprehensive Cast Iron Care Set that's designed to keep your beloved cast iron cookware in pristine condition. Our kit includes everything you need to ensure your cast iron treasures last a lifetime.

Chain Mail Scrubber for Cast Iron: Say goodbye to stuck-on residue. Our non-abrasive chain mail scrubber effortlessly restores your cast iron's surface without scratching.

Cleaning Brush for Cookware: Tackle even the toughest messes with our specialized cleaning brush. It's perfect for every nook and cranny of your cast iron.

Pan & Grill Scrapers: Experience the ease of removing food remnants without hassle. Our scrapers are gentle on your cast iron's seasoning, ensuring its longevity.

Essential Cookware Maintenance Tools: This kit isn't just about cleaning; it's about preserving. Extend the life of your cast iron and keep it seasoned to perfection.

Rust Removal for Cast Iron: Bid farewell to rust worries. Our kit ensures your cast iron remains rust-free and ready for your culinary creations.

Cookware Care Bundle: For the serious home chef, this bundle is a game-changer. Elevate your kitchen care routine with tools that matter.

Whether you're a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, our Cast Iron Care Set is your gateway to cookware that stands the test of time. Elevate your cooking experience today!


  • Cast Iron Care Set of 4, including 1 Brush, 1 Cast Iron Cleaner Chainmail Scrubber, 1 Pan Scraper, 1 Grill Scraper
  • The Cast Iron Cleaner Chainmail Scrubber is the ideal way to effectively and easily clean your cast iron cookware without stripping away accumulated flavor and seasoning or scratching your cookware.
  • The handcrafted rings are made from the highest grade 316L stainless steel - the highest food-grade steel in the industry. The cast iron skillet cleaner, Chain Mail Scrubber is the new household kitchen cleaner/scouring pad/household cleaning tool or household cleaning brush. The handle makes sure you don't burn your hands when cleaning your cookware since cast iron is easier to clean while it's still warm.
  • Ultra hygienic and dishwasher safe. This household scouring pad is an alternative for household cleaning brushes and grill scrapers. The kitchen cleaner is an outstanding household cleaning tool for grilling and an asset to your BBQ Utensils, is an asset to your indoor as well as outdoor cooking tools, camp kitchen equipment & accessories.


  • Chainmail Scrubber: 6 cm (2.36") bottom diameter, height 6.5 cm (2.55")
  • The brush: Height, 8,5 cm (3.34"), surface diameter 6 cm (2.36")
  • Grill scraper: 8 cm x 8 cm (3.14" x 3.14")
  • Pan scraper: 6 cm x 7.5 cm (2.36" x 2.95")


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Absolutely essential

Absolutely faultless and so versatile.
Why didn’t I buy one years ago?
A must in every kitchen



lovely, well made and so glad I purchased. Would recommend.

Laura P

Beautiful product

Beautiful product live colour and quality

Suzanne Burnell-Watts

Perfect size for sourdough breadmaking

These are the perfect size for making sourdough bread. Can’t ask for more. Lovely thank you

Roxi Ware

Cast iron Dutch oven

Love this cast iron enamelled Dutch oven. It looks beautiful in my kitchen, performs well on the oven and on a gas hob and cleans up easily. The price is good too for the quality.


Excellent cast iron pot.

Can be used on an induction job and oven. Great service from the seller too.

G. Bradley

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