About Crucible Cookware

Successful cooking is achieved with quality ingredients, good recipes, experience, and proper execution.

The challenge in cooking is to elevate the ingredients and create dishes according to recipes or an idea of a dish to realize, which is about execution which in turn requires great cookware and kitchen utensils.

Cookware and kitchen utensils are of course very important in the food preparation process and while ingredients are found in grocery stores, this shop specializes in cookware and kitchen tools from our brand Crucible Cookware.

Crucible Cookware provides kitchenware products that will take your cooking to the next level. We also would like to inspire and broaden our customer's horizons when it comes to food and cooking and hopefully make cooking something fun to look forward to.

 cast iron skillet

Crucible Cookware is owned by A.F. Djurberg AB, see the trademark registration at EUIPO

The company headquarter is located in Sweden at the following address:

Lugnet Skogsberg 250
65594 Karlstad


VAT-number: SE559013956301

Email: info@cruciblecookware.com

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Orders made on this webshop are with a few exceptions fulfilled from local warehouses, meaning US orders are fulfilled from warehouses in the US, and European orders are fulfilled from warehouses in Europe. We have our own stock and orders are processed immediately. No dropshipping from this webshop.


If you don't find your country in the list at the top or bottom of the page as a shipping destination, please contact us and we will provide a special quote for you.

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